And he said, “They don’t make any sense to me either.” So I went back to the guy and I said, look, we’ve looked over these things. They don’t make any sense. I don’t want to get into trying to improve this, ’cause I think it’d be too much work, but we’ll design a whole new zoo for you if you want, if you wanna get into that much. And he said, “Fine how much would it cost?” Well, so many hundreds of thousands of dollars, fine. So we rented an office and the zoo designer and I, and one other designer he had working for him, and a couple other people that were artists. We went to work and we designed a whole new zoo. And the first thing we did was we went through the customs of the people to find out what we might need to know about them. And of course in Latin American countries, they usually have a central plaza where people meet and get together.