It’s was in the early mornings and at night, though sometimes they would let the young cats out, not the tiny babies but the others for exercise. Well, I’d here, that’s a very good policy, that’s not too tough a job too. Yeah, I’ll tell you something else that Lyman found out about, in taking care of these little baby animals that were coming in, I know one night somebody brought in two or three little baby raccoons and they’d had them in a box couple days and they were doing well, and so they thought they better get over here, they brought them in lamb and took them in, and their bellies were just extended, they were just like a drum, they were so tight, and with Lyman’s knowledge of animals he figured, well, now, if these were with their mother, she would start urination by licking them, so he put his finger underneath the faucet and got some water and simulated the mother’s tongue with his finger and right away, they started urinating, and he got all three of those, that was the first time ever heard of that practice and Lyman called it piddly, and this became common knowledge now, and all zoo baby animals are piddled. And I think that was Lyman carton who. May have the first. Yes. Okay, thank you very much, and now, give me about 10 feet or to 10 numbers on that. Just fast forward as head 10, because as long as I’ve got you on tape, maybe three more minutes, and we’re putting together a training tape on elephants, training and so forth, and I got Alvie Nelson from Madison Wisconsin we were up there, and he, you know, talked about elephants just a little, and as long as you’re here, it’s kind of a quick golden opportunity, I just like to a couple of things about, what I’m trying to do is a training take for keepers to instill in them that elephants can be dangerous, and you have to be careful when you’re working with elephants, that it’s not, as you said, concentration, you know, it’s not something that you cannot have your wits about you, that you have to have fun with them, but always be aware that these are big guys that can hurt you, and maybe we can do just a little quick, little thing like that, because that would be nice if we could do that.