Yeah. She was already here, but her history was a very interesting one, I’m sure you have it all down, but she came in to Virginia I believe, in a circus, was brought by a circus from Europe I believe also, mostly animals in those days came by road, Europe, anyhow, and then she was sold to another circus and then to another one and finally to Brookfield, oh, to Benson up in nation of New Hampshire, and then he sold her to Brookfield and she’d been a push animal I think in the circus, and she had some training and she did a few of training. When she was here at Lincoln Park, she was a pretty good elephant, you never had many problems with it. Had very few problems, the big problem was the winter time, when we had to put her in that poor little old building, off of exhibit. and, oh, it was just too bad after, but. We talked about zoos. Hard to keep it warm for one time.