I think you probably don’t have a picture because it’s on bad. Effectively happened during the filming of Zoo Parade. Yes. When you were doing that Lincoln Park, there was one incident where you were working with a poisonous or a hot snake, and you were bitten, could you kind of relate to, I mean, this is, I guess the worst that could happen unexpectedly. Sure, I remember it well. It was on April fools day of 1951, and we had rehearsals for the program, but on that day I was in my office and Don Meyer and Jim Herbert came in and the engineers and so forth, we sat around in there talking, the phone was ringing constantly for all those pranksters who wanted talk to Mr. Al E Gator, or Mr. Lyon or Mr. Fox or one thing or another, and so, Jim took over the telephone, Jim Herbert, and when I say, I’d like speak to Mr. Wolf please, and Jim go woo, and he was just having fun, and it didn’t hurt anything either, and we were all kind of amused by Jim’s reaction and how he would respond to these various requests to speak to certain animals, and we got carried away with this and we had a very short time for rehearsal, and so I was hurrying, and one of the things I was to do, was to extract venom from a rattlesnake, timber rattlesnake, and I really didn’t have to catch the snake, but it did, I was working so fast that I just went through my mind while I’m gonna catch him here, so I pinned his head and grabbed him, and I did it so fast that I violated my own cardinal rule, never hurry when working with a poisonous snake, take your time, don’t let anything distract you, when you’re working with a poisonous snake, and so I violated this and I paid the penalty, because he twisted my fingers and bit me, reached around and got into one of my fingers, and there I was snake bit 20 minutes before air time, so I took a knife out of my pocket, I always carry a knife, and I opened up the thing and I cut right into my finger and started the blood going and I sucked that, and then I cut the other side and I sucked that, and Leo Grimmer ran to the reptile house and got first aid kit, and I enlarged those and we applied this exception pumps and stuck those on, well, everything went to pot, I had to go to the hospital, I couldn’t do the show, and Leo had to do it, it was in the small mammal house, and Judy the elephant was there, and we were going to open up on her, I’ve even got the title of the show, but it was a scattered thing because we’re gonna open up on her and to be in a small mammal house, kind of an in Congress situation where you had at elephant in a small mammal house, and the title of the show was tied to the bars of Judy’s cage in that building, and when Leo finally took over and they were on the air, and they had all the camera, had all their rehearsals and he knew that he was to pan from wherever he was over there to the title of the show, that was done off the air, but when he got there Don called, Don Meer called for title and it wasn’t there, Judy had eaten it, so it was that kind of a thing that often happened on the show, the unexpected things, or one time when we were showing the little spurs on a Python and we did a real tight close up just to show that portion of the Python’s body, and we had, there was a Python about 15 feet long and with a camera right down on this, she had a bowel movement and right on camera, well, it’s that kind of thing. Live TV. Yeah, live TV, so it went out to all those millions of people watching out there.