And then he turned around and looked at him, and I said, why don’t you turn around let us see your face again, and so he did. So you really had. You got things like that. Yeah, it was all at lib, we had a so called script which was a story outline, it was really one animal after another or it was a thing that we were talking, like say local motion of animals, how animals move, and I know on that show crazy thing happened, Jim was not very, he was afraid of snakes, and he was very jittery around them, but after talking about the locomotion of mammals and of turtles and different kinds of locomotion, including aquatic, swimming and those type of thing, and talk about the locomotion in birds and worms and other things of this sort, we finally got around to locomotion in reptiles, and then snakes came up and as you know, there are many different types of locomotion with snakes and some of them climbed trees, and I had a red rat snake, which is a tree climber or frequently does climb trees, and in order to demonstrate his ability to crawl out onto a swaying vine or moving limb of a tree, I had a close line, I said, Jim, here’s the end of a close line, you go over there and I’ll stay here, and I’ll start to snake on this, and you’ll see how he can crawl across a rope, which is a simulated divine, and he started to crawl, but of course moved his body down below the level of the rope, and right about six or eight inches that crossed the rope again, got part of his body on that side, crossed the rope again, using caterpillar traction to cross the rope all the time, but being a constricting snake, had enough musculature to hang onto this also, and then when he was fully out on this thing about in the middle of this rope, which was about 12 feet long and the snake was about five feet long, I said to Jim, Jim this snake is so secure on there that we can actually swing it back and forth a little bit and he won’t fall off, well, being afraid of snakes, Jim instead of starting off gently, went woo like this, and of course he was such a shock and came so quickly that the snake didn’t stay on the rope, went plop on the top of the table. That’s the kind of thing that had happened many times on television, and the day I was bitten by a rattlesnake. I’ll tell you before we do that, why don’t we take a break, I feel like the host will get this squared away and then we’ll put in the second take then. Okay. Okay.