Well, I expect so, and I guess by this time, Wild Kingdom, is the longest, they say it’s the longest running syndicated half hour program with the same sponsor, mutual of Omaha of course. Now when you were at Lincoln Park and doing Zoo Parade, and I was one of probably many a thousand people who came to the zoo on Sundays. Yes, we did it right out in front of the people. Knowing that Zoo Parade was going to be live. Was even announced the paper. Any exciting things ever happened, ’cause it was live that all of a sudden you didn’t expect to happen, I imagine there must have been. Oh, you know, there were lots of things that happened, things that we didn’t expect to happen and working with live animals, as you have for so many years, you know that you won’t you think you could control what the animals were going to do completely, but you could also anticipate what animals were going to do, and I was pretty good at that, I know one time we had a pasomona a little tree that had a platform to a dead tree and it had some branches, and I just knew, when that little guy reached that top branch, he was gonna stop and turn around and look at me. And so I asked him to do it before he got there.