And I had to get the same answer, oh, shrug a shoulder, you talk until you run out of steam, or until the animals get tired, you run out of animals, and then Margie will give a chalk talk or play the organ or do something else, there were a lot of women in the studio because the men were in the service, and then the next year, the war was over and wangled war and wrath Jr, joined that station to learn television, and so did Don Meyer, and so they both saw what I was doing in that, in those few times, like 18 times that I went down to give a so called half hour, three quarter hour presentation, which was in those days being beaned to all 300 television receivers in the Chicago area in Chicago land, so there weren’t a lot of people watching, but at least it gave me exposure to them, then in 1949, both of these two chaps had gone over to NBC here, and that was the year the coax cable went into it in between Chicago and New York, and when that was completed, I got a letter from wary, Ronald Were and Rath Jr, when I was snake hunting in Louisiana, and he indicated there that he was at now at NBC and that he would like to have me contact him as soon as I got home about television, so when I did get home I got in touch with him, and he said, told me about this coax cable going in, and that Chicago wanted to let New York know what kind of shows they could produce here, so I said, fine, he said, we have a remote control unit, we can bring right to the zoo and you won’t have to take animals out of the zoo anymore, I had quit going down there because I didn’t, they had at that time a remote control unit and I’d seen it down at the museum of science and industry, and I looked into the big boss and saw they had a control room in there and talked to some of the guys, and I said, what is this saying?