Yeah. When I came here in 1944, it was only a year later, the war was going on, and I met a director from television station and that station was WBKB, it was run by a man named Bill Eddie, and it was the only television station I had ever known about, an experimental television station, I was invited by this director to come down and bring animals from the zoo and talk about them on television. Well, I had known that television was coming for a long time, and I knew too that it would be a dynamic media because television is radio that you can see, so this was going to go out to houses and homes all over the whole country, and I knew that this would be a fantastic media for telling the animal story and publicizing the zoo, so I accepted this offer and I would take bull frogs and turtles and tame monkeys, and tame birds and reptiles of various sorts, snakes and things, and in carrying cases down to the station, take a keeper along with me, and I would start with an animal and then he would come in and I’d give him the animal I talked about, and he’d give me the new animal, and I’d talk about that.