Well, ’cause I think so because some of your original film of the zoo right segment shows him in ’28 in Africa. Yes, that’s right. As a youngster. Yes, that’s right. So. Classic footage. Yeah, well, Bushman was, just a fine physical specimen, and Eddie Robinson was his keeper, he came in under Alfred Parker, he was brought back from Africa by old Paul Buck, WL Buck, who’s no relation to Frank Buck, but was an animal dealer, and his field was West Africa mostly, and he came to a town called Yaounde which was the capital of the then French Cameroons, and there were no hotels in this town, so he went to the only place he could go to stay, which was the American Presbyterian Mission, and they put him up there. Well, when he got there, he saw this little gorilla whose name was Bushman, and the Dr. Good and his wife were raising it, and they just thought the world of this little gorilla, and they had employed an African to look after him, a man who was his full-time keeper and playmate and provider of food and all of this kind of thing and disciplinarian, and they all played with him and he just loved everybody and he could climb trees around there and they’d call him down, he’d come down to them.