Well, yeah, but before I had an assistant director, I started with a zoologist, we got run Blakely and was a zoologist when he graduated from Michigan state and I was able to get a title in the budget, and I thought we’d better start with somebody and train them rather than to try to go to another zoo and get a curator who was already established, so it was a training period concept that I had of getting young zoologists in and creating a term zoologist, he’s a zoologist in the zoo, and then he was, Ron was interested in birds primarily, and so he had the opportunity to work under George Irving, who had been the curator of birds and was the curator of birds for a long time, until he became the general curator here and learned what George knew about bird keeping and how the building is run, but then we started getting other zoologists in, and finally curators came in when they were qualified, then they became curators, and we had three curators here by the time I was ready to move on to St. Louis and an assistant director.