In terms of what skills a zoo director needs to amount such an institutional commitment by its governing board, whatever that might be, whether governmental or private, it seems to me that the director needs to come, not with just some familiarity with the biology of the world, but with some training capacity in terms of engaging people in a progressive manner. And this may come from training in business administration. It may come from other sectors, maybe in psychology itself, but most of our people in directors positions don’t come with any background training in public speaking, or much less in terms of the negotiation of contracts with employees, and so on, and so forth. So it’s gonna take a different level of backgrounds, it seemed to me, to forward the agenda I was just speaking of in terms of changing the urban publics and their behaviors fundamentally. So what I would say is we probably need to encourage multidisciplinary training of people aspiring to lead these institutions. And I think this applies to other kinds of institutions too. Put on your hat, think about the future 50 years down the road.