In terms of issues to address in the future for Brookfield and all other zoos and the Zoo Association, Zoo and Aquarium Association. It seems to me that they must attend to both the opportunity and challenge of communicating more effectively with their publics. And I do not mean just their local publics, but people in general and governmental agencies and entities also. They must communicate more effectively on behalf of the creatures that they have in their care. And that brings up my fundamental concern that the zoos and Zoo Association certainly are not aware of what we do know in terms of effective communications for that purpose. And what I’m talking about is moving people from caring in the sense of that they think that this is an appropriate conservation measure to take or they care about in terms of feeling for the individual animal or the species or the habitat they inhabit, caring about. But moving to doing something about it, caring for, the action. And we have guidelines, as I mentioned, in terms of the beginning field of conservation psychology that could be taken advantage of in terms of addressing these issues, but really, by and large, haven’t.