And I’m speaking here in reference to a recent initiative that I’ve become involved with. The Big Cats Initiative that the National Geographic Society is supporting and funding. Finding projects that are doable, that will enroll peoples in different parts of the world in caring about, and caring for their, even charismatic animals like the big cats, that’s a tough call. It doesn’t need millions, but it needs people that are engaged with the local circumstances as well as knowing something about the biology, the creatures, and their needs, et cetera. So there’s a different dimension there, a zoo that might, say, debate, the benefits of investing in a major facility versus investing in conservation. The investments in conservation would have to be much more, it seems to me, detailed and focused than they are now. You can’t just give to a single organization. You can’t, in most cases, you don’t have the simple equivalent of a contract to execute the architectural design you have for a facility.