There was one unfortunate incident where one of the group, when they were leaving, came back into a building where a live mouse was being fed to a certain reptile. And she was visibly upset by this notion that we would feed a live animal to another creature. And so we spent a additional time on that. But what I’m saying is I think, while those pressures are always going to be there, it seems to me that it’s best to directly engage folks, presuming that they can be persuaded by the evidence, by the actual facts of the conditions of the creatures and the provisions for their welfare made both in terms of just the kinds of people selected as zoo staff, zookeepers, et cetera, right on to the physical accommodations and of course the food, and all of that. So many of these people are persuadable, but you have to engage them and sometimes that takes a little doing, given the leadership of those organizations. You talked about staff.