So it was a worthwhile first summer in grad school. But then came a real opportunity in terms of the… An offer that came to not go back to Mexico, which I’d visited with a couple of my Charleston friends, Moseman and Azel. And where we’d collected salamanders and other things. But it was a different experience in terms of what was going on in the world. So I did have that kind of experience behind me and also another summertime experience before grad school was fighting forest fires in California. An interesting time, but didn’t collect many herps in the process, but got to see California in a different fashion. Again with college mates, some of whom got, were in the parachute crew, et cetera, but I felt that was a little too risky and so on, but in terms of the graduate school, so instead of going on to do a thesis work on the salamanders, I instead had took up an offer of a position on a little expedition to The Bahama Islands.