(George chuckles) Well, as you know, in terms of the child falling in the gorilla exhibit at Tropic World, the kid recovered. We spirited him away to Loyola Hospital, a couple of miles up the road. And in terms of the media coverage, they were absolutely entranced by the story, but they wanted to get to the kid and so indeed they were, some of the reporters were actually cloaking themselves in medical white jackets, et cetera, trying to get on the floor and into his room and we arranged to sort all of that. And we, again, spirited him away from the hospital to his home without a reporter getting to the kid. And the family now lives in North Carolina. I exchange Christmas cards with them every year. They’ve done wonderfully well and so all came out well. Probably the most dramatic incident I ever had with the press was when Ziggy was in the boat, the inside boat in the elephant house.