And one of the doctoral study was actually done on the cryptogams on the soil that recovered. These are fungi and other lichens that with the very slight rain that they have in such a place, very slightest rain, they dumped the nitrogen into the soil. With the sheep around, unlike kangaroos, et cetera, sheep feet, sheep hooves cut the lichen crust. It blows away. So you get a denuded landscape like the floor beneath us. So once the sheep were off, that cryptogamic crust returned and with it, the other vegetation, the mallee, very dry eucalyptus species, dryland eucalyptus species. And so it came to be after the recovery at the Brookfield Conservation Park of the native vegetation, that in the nearby state of Victoria, there were seven pastoral leases that were coming up for renewal or for giveaway to the people who were leasing it for pastoral purposes. And Pat Feilman of the Potter Foundation, the largest foundation in Australia suggested that the people considering these leases in the Sunset Country, the governmental unit, go visit the Brookfield conservation park, they did.