With the animals or proud moment with revolved around the management of animals. (George chuckling) I’m not sure how to respond to this question in terms of my accomplishments with the animals, was mainly providing for their welfare, their longevity in the circumstances we provided. I mean, there are always going to be limitations, but those limitations, as Hediger many years ago illustrated, allows expressions of behaviors that must be exceedingly rare in the wild, but they have the capacity. And that capacity for expression of other behaviors, that capacity also is clearly important in terms of adaptation to changing circumstances. And so in terms of helping develop facilities that allowed animals to express themselves, shall we say, in sometimes unusual rare behavioral fashions. It seems to me that was something that we did attempt and did succeed, I think, in some circumstances in providing. And some of it might seem (chuckles) a bit odd, but I think the animals benefited as a result. Brookfield zoo was the first zoo ever in the United States to exhibit pandas, the giant pandas.