Well, my involvement came pretty late with Ziggy the elephant who had quite a following. And Peter Crowcroft had liberated him from his confined condition inside the elephant house at Brookfield Zoo. And Ziggy certainly enjoyed the outdoors for the first time in many years and unfortunately I had to relay to Peter that, and others that I witnessed Ziggy and his declining days taking advantage of the pool in his yard to support his weight, et cetera, and things of that sort, that certainly indicated that he was on the way out. But as you know, I mean, in his earlier days, Ziggy had created quite a stir with destroying various facilities and enterprises. And he certainly attracted a lot of attention, because for many years, he was the largest elephant in captivity. And, yep, Ziggy, the Ziegfeld Follies, (chuckles) he really deserved the reputation. But as I say, Peter Crowcroft tried to accommodate him in his declining years, but shortly thereafter, he did die. Yep, quite a creature.