He offered an additional semester long course on advanced mammalogy in which we could do whatever we wanted. And I studied the Peromyscus, the wood mice and a friend who was in a class ahead of me Arthur Ravenel Jr., and Ravenel, by the way, is honored by the bridge across the Cooper River, a spectacular bridge that, if you haven’t seen, there are pictures in the American Scientist of the bridge because of the engineering. But at that time, Arthur Ravenel was not a Congressman yet. He was still a college student and he had an old Model T Ford that we went out in the countryside with to collect the cotton rats and Peromyscus, and other creatures. So he was quite a character even then though. And I remember him slamming on breaks as we were crossing out of the actually, out of Charleston. And he slammed on breaks behind a guy who just hit a fox. A beautiful fox.