So the aim in terms of opening for the major world exhibition in ’33, ’34, was only the end of ’34 that, the end of that time that Brookfield opened. But in terms of what I’ve witnessed and encountered in general, there’s been substantial support for the institution such that at one time, more than 40% of the operational funding came from the Forest Preserve District Appropriation. In my time that decreased substantially to less than a third and then a quarter of the operational funding, that’s for basic operations of the animal collection. Nothing to do with the public services, and so on, which the society always felt obligated. That was its responsibility. But in terms of the political domain, generally speaking, the zoological park operations were left to the, shall we say, the administrative relations that the zoo’s director and board had with the superintendent of the Forest Preserve District of Cook County. Not with the commissioner sitting on the county board, who also sat on the board of the Forest Preserve District. So in general, whatever arrangements one made with the superintendent in terms of budget, and so on, that’s what prevailed.