In terms of making changes to visitor services, it was evident that there needed to be great improvements and the zoo had one major food service facility in a prime position at the end of the East Mall. It was called the Refectory. And the Refectory had some wonderful painted walls of animals from around the world by Ralph Graham, the assistant director who was, like Plath, basically an artist, but he got sent by Robert Bean on different missions abroad, including in respect to the okapi and other, such Indian rhinos, et cetera. Ralph Graham brought those back to Brookfield. But as I say, he did this marvelous set of illustrations on the walls of the Refectory, which was the main public facility serving the public. There were also sort of makeshift facilities at the other end of the East West Mall. And bearing very small facilities elsewhere. There was no major, shall we say, souvenir or a little trinket shop or anything of that sort.