And then by 1917, they had a series of 15 or more stores. And Mr. Sams was the first manager of the satellite store when Mr. Penny established it. So he was number one employee, number one manager. He went on that, I think it was around 1917 that Mr. Penny became chairman of the board and Earl C Sams became president of the JC Penney Company, a position he held until the mid ’50s when he retired. And so during that time, he made some money for the JC Penney Company, but I also made some for himself and he established a Foundation. Mr. Sams had two daughters, Camille and Gladys, and they were from new Rochelle, New York, but they would travel to Brownsville, Texas in the wintertime for the warm weather. And they were some of the first winter Texans, and they would come down, spend three or four months and then go back to New York. During the time that they were in Texas, both Gladys and Camille married local Brownsville people.