Well, first thing he taught me was know your subject, research it well to be sure that if you were gonna propose something, that it had a proper Foundation behind it. And then to go ahead with it. I think where I learned from his actions was yes, once you had the plan, you needed to convince the people that wrote the check, so to speak, the people that employed you, that this was the correct plan and to go about it in such a manner that they were comfortable with it. Many times Warren would decide we were gonna do something and would implement the plan. And the first time that the Foundation controller would find out about it was when the invoice hit his desk and this doesn’t make for happy employers. And I think this is what I learned from Warren was to keep everyone informed all the way along every step of the way. And when you’re gonna put together, for instance, a new exhibitor, a new group of animals, get the keeper involved, find out what their wants and desires are, find out that they’re comfortable with this, make sure you have a proper facility. Early on when we were building the zoo, a lot of times we would have animals arrive that we had arranged to either purchase or get on loan and we didn’t have their facility ready for ’em.