You devoted so many years to it. When I think about the zoo of profession here in North America, I think about a close knit band of people with like minds who are passionate about wild animals, about wild places, about conservation, about what it’s gonna take to keep them, which includes water conservation, recycling, changed agricultural practices, as well as all of the various specific programs that we have for the individual animals. And probably the majority of my best friends that I’ve made in life are people who are either retired from the zoo community, or maybe still in it and about to retire. A lot of the younger guys, I don’t know, and gals, but I think the profession has a good future in that we’ve always been resilient. We’ve been able to change and meet the challenges that were thrown our way and I have to hope and pray that the younger generation of zoo professionals coming on will meet that challenge the same way that we have met it. How would you like to be remembered. Someone who cared deeply about animals. Dr. Farst, thank you very much.