A lot of my contributions would have to be in the form of working with people to have ’em get along. I was on the first diversity committee we ever had for the Zoo and Aquarium Association. And that’s basically because I learned to operate in a part of the country where I was a minority white guy, and we had an 86% Hispanic population and we had to get along. We had to work together. So I think learning to work with various groups of people and getting them to cooperate. This is why I ended up in the middle of the zoo professionals and the ranchers to try and get them together because I realized they had a lot more in common than they had in opposition. So I guess being a consensus builder or mediator has been one of my strong points. As far as animal contributions, I think that the time that I spent as a keeper and learned a lot about day to day care of animals in general and great apes in particular, has worked on my behavior.