It’s all grown, I think pretty much the same way. I had some mutual funds that I was invested in through a 401k plan early on, but since I’ve been involved with the zoo and I’ve been exposed to some very good managers. And I’ve come to realize that asset allocation is probably way more important than the individual investments that you make. And I’ve learned that you shouldn’t keep all your eggs in one basket and to diversify things like this, just basic principles that investing 101, so to speak. I was telling Loretta earlier that our investment broker that we’re using now and have been for the last five years is a credit Swiss agent and he’s from here in Chicago, but he also has a home on South Padre Island, and that’s where he wants to retire. And so he’s down there quite a bit. His wife has gotten involved with the zoo they’re in fundraising and he’s become a personal friend. And so he and I talk a lot about investing for the zoo, but I also pick up things from him that I think of broadened my background.