In the beginning, that was true through the ’80s, up until ’80, I would say that was true. After 1982, ’83, they started to realize that the foundations were not going to be able to provide the support we needed in order to grow. And so that’s when we started to see more outside funding come in. If I was a new director, what recommendations would you give me to be successful in raising support and finances for the zoom. Get involved locally, don’t be bashful about giving talks to service clubs, go to fundraisers for other organizations to see who’s active, see who does what, talk to bankers, talk to lawyers, get bankers and lawyers on your board because they know what estates are coming up. The bankers know who have assets that are being underutilized, things like this. As an aside now, one of your interests you list is investing. And what kind of investing do you do.