I’d been outta school about two years, out of veterinary school, about two years and Jim Savoy, who was the director at the Columbus Zoo at the time, asked me if I was ready to come back into the zoo work because I had worked in the zoo for two full summers and for like three years on weekends at Columbus while I was in school. And so Jim asked me if I was willing to come back and consider working at the Columbus Zoo. And at the time I had just bought 100 acre farm in Pennsylvania and was in the process of remodeling a farmhouse. I just couldn’t see myself jumping up and leaving it. So I said I’d have to pass. Well, two years later, he called again and the veterinarian they had hired in 1967, hadn’t worked out. And so in 1969, he asked me if I’d be willing to come back. And I said, “Yes, I would.” And I thought, I’d like to do some postgraduate work at Ohio State.