And it’s takes a lot of work, takes mainly organization. And it’s means getting a team of people, getting ’em interested, having a format that they know that works, deviating from it enough each year, so that it doesn’t seem quite the same each year, but all sticking to having items donated that people want so that you have zero or little cost in them. And then having people come in and bid on these items either through live auction, silent auction, blackboard auctions, bucket auctions, there’s all sorts of different way you can go. But then in recent years, it’s just come down to a sponsorship and getting people to sponsor at different levels, be it the platinum level, the gold level, the silver level, and just basically writing you a check and handing it to you and saying that this is for the operating support of the zoo. Now, you mentioned you, weren’t super excited about asking for money when you were director.