I mentioned earlier, I disagreed with Dr. Thomas about keeping apes behind water barriers behind using that as a barrier to keep them in. And so we made that a priority. We converted a sea line exhibit into a gorilla exhibit, which was one of the first things we had done. And we had water no deeper than 24 inches, more of a cosmetic effect around it, where we had raised the islands in the middle where the sea lions had been and lowered the water level. And so it was safer for the gorillas. We went in and put some electrified fence around the orang and the chimpanzee exhibits. And Dr. Thomas hadn’t wanted to do that because he thought it was ugly, and it wasn’t the prettiest, but I at least felt we had addressed the fact to keep the animals away from the water. When we built the zoo, there was a misunderstanding between Dr. Thomas and the design people, and they didn’t put an overflow on the polar bear exhibit.