It took a lot of time and it took time away from what I thought I should be doing. In 1979 and ’80, I was president of the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, which we now call the AZA. I was also president of our local rotary club that year. I got a divorce in 1979. I got remarried in 1980. I mean, those were crazy years for me. And along then with Gladys’s passing in 1980, in March of 1980, I was that time doing a consulting job for the US State Department. There were three zoo people that they had asked to go to India, to help with India zoos, to do a survey of the Indian zoos and to try and help them. And James Doherty, who was the general curator at the Bronx Zoo, James Dolan, the general curator at San Diego zoo, Richard Felder, who was from the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, and myself were asked to go over there.