Both of my brothers were Phi Gamma Delta. And when I went to college, they of course said that I should become a Fiji, which I did and was active. But I got accepted into veterinary school after only two years. And so once I got into veterinary school, I wasn’t really that active in the fraternity. You mentioned some influential people that had come out of there. Jack Nicholas, the famous golfer was one of the people that was active at that time and when I was going through rush, he was there. And when I was going through what they used to call Hell Week, he was one of the actives that made us go through our paces, but there were many other influential people and business leaders later on in life. And it was a good experience for me, although I was only active for my first two years of college and then once I went into veterinary college, I was not too much involved with the fraternity.