But this was at, in the beginning, that was about maybe 10% of the budget of the zoo. And the Sams Foundation said, make what you can on the gate, which made up another like 50%. And then the Sams Foundation, as long as they would approve the annual budget and we’d stay within the annual budget, they would make up the difference, which what we didn’t make at the gate. That went on until 1980. In 1980, Gladys Porter passed away. And at that time, the Sam’s Foundation was run by her daughter, Dorothy Hun. Dorothy, Dody we called her, Dorothy’s husband, John, and Camilla’s two sons, Larry Litner Jr. and Earl Sams Litner, for a couple of years, it went along about the same. Then about ’84, the two Litner brothers decided that they weren’t so sure that they wanted to fund as much of the zoo as was being asked of them because they had other projects.