So with got another bottle so I could shoot him again, and went to shoot him again but before they could bring the other bottle, he attacked and I tried the blank routine again, it didn’t work. He just took his hand and shoved me aside and went on by and ran right down the middle, the main zoo aisle. And they had cleared most of the people out there. But for some reason, there was some lady that came out of a building and was walking down the middle, pushing a baby straw. And Dave Thompson, who was our bird curator at the time, later on became the associate director, running out and said, “Lady, get outta here, there’s a gorilla coming.” And she looked and instead of running and taking her baby, she just left the baby in the stroller and she went running to get herself to safety. And Dave ran by and he grabbed that baby out of the stroller, ’cause he was a head of my dock trying to clear people away. And he ran by a concessionary and just bounced past the baby through the window into the concession worker that was standing there watching. All of a sudden she had a baby.