And we’re gonna be doing this with little bottles if,” ’cause we had to race some babies. And he looked at me and he goes, “Well,” he was so gracious. He said, “you know, Mark, we tried that 12 years ago and we did six variations on that and none seemed to work.” And I’m going, “Oh my God, he did more than I even thought about.” He says, “But maybe yours will be the trick.” And that’s true, maybe it would be. But here, I realized how much I didn’t know from someone who knew way more than me and had seen way more than me. And it brought me back, the old reality check. You think you’re a big shot, let me, somebody will give you a check here about how much you really don’t know and have to learn. And I always say within the profession, you’re constantly learning. The day you think that you’ve know everything, that’s the day you’re done because every day is a learning experience.