Well, it seems like the, the job of a zoo director, good, bad or indifferent has become more of a fundraiser ’cause they are the face of the zoo. And that seems to take a lot of time ’cause it takes a lot of money to run a place as we say, first class or in a very professional manner. So I think that, unfortunately, the zoo director’s daily tasks have been less on the management of the zoo, the day to day than they have been the, which maybe they should be, the visionary future trying to shape the institution. And at the same time, a big job obviously, is they gotta greet and meet people to raise the funds. And so again, as we talked, if they were animal people, the higher they go, the less they come in contact with that, which brought them into the profession. Kind of sad. At one level. It’s always trade-offs. Right. Right.