You just have to say, “We are doing a good job of what we are doing here. We’re not doing a half job. We’re doing a wonderful job. We’re explaining what we’re doing and here’s the answer.” And so you’re never. Some people will, “Oh, I see what you’re doing,” or “We’re helping this or that.” But you’re never gonna please every person who’s, I mean, there are some zoos now that are gonna be devoting a lot of acreage to elephants. There will be people that say, “But they’re not in Africa.” And in Africa or in the Amazon, the life of an animal is fraught with perils and danger. So you can help them by preserving their land and helping the people care about who will live there, care about why it’s important to have them there. That’s part of what a zoo can do Or an aquarium. But you gotta have a good house here before you can start doing stuff over there. Good point. Good point.