I think the answer is this, whatever you do with any species, if you can give that animal what it needs in a first class manner, then, and meeting its needs, not minimally, but in broader terms, okay. But you gotta give it all those things. I’ve had people say to me, “Don’t you think it’s bad that the zoo in Singapore has polar bears?” Well, at one level you say, sure, because it’s a very warm climate, but I know that bears in the wild, in the hot summer days up in Churchill, in the hot summer days, not everyday, they’ll dig into the permafrost to cool themselves off because it’s not always cold. So the thing is if a polar bear needs a certain environment and you can provide it, whether it’s in Singapore where they have a world class polar bear exhibit, or it’s somewhere else in Albuquerque, but you gotta give the animal what they need. You can’t skimp on that. That’s the important thing. It’s more what you do than what exact animal it is. So from the standpoint of elephants, ideally, you should be giving animals especially a larger species, a fair amount of room to move around, to get from A to B to C ’cause they’re going to do this for a reason. An elephant moves from this section to this section to this section for food or water or something.