To learn, or we talk to visit the other zoos to get that exposure to these professional things. And we talked about it and I think she felt that it was a good idea. And she put money aside to the Lincoln Park Zoo for the Mark Rosenthal Keeper Fund, which I will always be grateful to her for that visionary thing and seeing what I thought could happen that I couldn’t make happen, but she could. And there is now this fund that allows keepers to travel. They have to report their findings and they have to be professional, but that was a very nice thing also at the end of my career at the zoo to be able to do something for a keeper staff from now until forever, which is the nice thing, either about a chair or about one of these kind of funds that keeps going. So from that standpoint, the job essentially was the same. My last responsibilities were the finishing of, ’cause ultimately, we finished the Regenstein African journey, which beautiful building. Some of the ideas I had seen at other zoos, pygmy hippos at the Singapore Zoo, tilapia fish with pygmy hippos.