Well, I think that Lincoln Park, and I’d like to say a number of zoos, we weren’t so unique, but I think Lincoln Park and the staff at the zoo understood what was going on and the need to get with the times, and to make sure that all the rules and regulations were followed so we could continue to progress forward in a positive manner. And in some of these things, we weren’t, the people who made the decision, these were laws, federal laws that now had to be adhered to. And whether they be for transport or whether they be for, well, a lot had to do with transport or the getting of permits for endangered species or what you had to do, if that was, we realized, you gotta have good paperwork. You have to have people who can understand how to do this. And you had to push forward to be able to do it and not worry so much like, “Well, we used to do it this way, but now we can’t,” sour grapes. It’s like, that’s the way it is. Let’s move forward. So I think our attitude of we do what we need to do to get things done was not only our attitude, but I think was the attitude of the number of zoos in the United States.