And it was like a community zoo, but very nice. And we make arrangements. We take the bear. Now, when you transport an animal, it’s always last on, first off. You don’t pack the animal where it takes time to get it off. So that was our, what you always do with a shipment. And we were in the plane and as we landed in Venezuela with our bear in the hole, they put a announcement out and say, “Will the people who came with the bear, please report to the front cabin?” So that’s us. Of course, we’re gonna get off first and get our bear. So we get to the side and we’re in the breezeway, gonna go down a certain way to meet the, go in the car, go and get the bear. And there’s this man and woman standing next to us and the woman says, “Are you the people with the bear?” And I said, “Yes, we are.” She said, “Was there a bear really on our flight?” I said, “Yes.” And I explained who we are.