Just take the edge off. We don’t want to knock him down or tranquilize him so he can’t move.” He says, “Yes, we can do that.” Now, when he broke this barrier, that was my A plan. I didn’t have a B plan, which you should always have. You gotta have a plan if your first plan doesn’t work. So the keepers who were younger and had not done a giraffe move, ’cause we’d choreographed it, are looking, “Oh my gosh, Mark, what are we gonna do?” As the boss, I didn’t have an answer ’cause I wasn’t quite sure what we were gonna do. But I couldn’t say to the keepers, “I don’t know.” Here I am, the boss. I can’t say I don’t know what to do. So I said, “It’ll be fine. No big deal. I got another way of doing it.” So I’m thinking all the time. So I went to the vet. I said, “Can we do this?” “Yes.” Went to the carpenters, “Can you rebuild this wall in such a way?” “Yes we can.” So we gave him a little shot.