And again, in those situation, you’re not saying to a keeper, “Listen, let’s get this.” And they go, “Well, why?” “It’s an emergency. Just do what I tell you to do. ’cause we gotta handle this emergency.” And some of the very worst emergencies, when I retired from the zoo, we had, right after I retired, a woman, classic, a woman keeper, wonderful lady walked into the lion moat to clean it. She thought she had locked the lions up and she hadn’t. And they jumped into the moat and they attacked her, male and a female that I’d brought back from Africa and they attacked her, and they were able to save her. And I always would give these guys big canisters of Mace to, bear spray in case, she never even had a chance to get to it. But she had a chance to get to her walkie talkie. Wow. Important to keep with you.