I mean, everybody’s not gonna look at you in the same vein, but I’ve had certain animal keepers who have gone on to hire positions, say to me, “Oh, Mark, when I talk to my keepers that I have to talk to, I hear your words that you said about,” and that’s very gratifying to have been a mentor to people that they actually listened to what you said and it works. So that was important. So I always tried to do it in a way that was fun. I wanted people to enjoy their job, I did. I think certain times people might say that I was unapproachable and it’s possible my demeanor gave that off. But I think that for the most part, I was always available. I was never afraid to do what I had to do when, and I knew that to be a good manager, you better know what you’re asking people to do. So when we had our elephant management, we were hands on and then we were protected contact, but we were hands on.