So, and then there were ropes, (clears throat) that you could automatically let them loose. I mean, we did all that. So Eddie gets up there, he grabs it and he could only get around the cat’s neck. And as he pulls, now, remember it’s midnight, we’ve got all this fire equipment, ’cause the snorkel came with another truck and then all these firemen and they got their pickaxes and they’re waiting, “What do we have to do?” And lights are blinking and so forth. And he pushes the cat off of the branch. And the snorkel is moving back down now with the cat hanging and the cat’s going, (imitates choking) he’s strangling. We’re trying to get it down there and we get it to the ground and they undo the noose, and the vet, Dr. Mishkin is working on the cat, working on the cat. And all these firemen are around him.