Well, the secret zoo is essentially when you were holding animals privately that you shouldn’t be holding, the alligator in the bathtub in the basement, and you don’t want anybody to know about it. So if your son is playing with your next door neighbor and you have five rattlesnakes in your basement as kids will get around and know what’s going on. You don’t really want people to know you’re keeping them. The only way that the secret zoo that I call it is known is when someone like the meter reader has to read the meter and sees the five foot alligator or the there’s a fire and the firemen are there or there’s, you know, something. Yeah. Yeah. Then all of a sudden, it’s known. And we had one call where someone, Ascension church on LaSalle Street. And they called us and said, “There’s a lot of pigeons that are dead under this big tree.