And I’ll tell you one quick story about when I was a zoologist, I was walking through the zoo and they were trying to, again, we used tranquilizer, but it was starting out, didn’t use it all the time. There were a lot of methodologies for hand grabbing and doing things. They were kind of dangerous, bit of a cowboy, but they didn’t have much going on, other than that, that they would use. And they had a baby bison in the yard that they were trying to separate and see its sex. “This a male, a female, how’s it doing?” And they’d move the mother out. But the big male was still in the pen and they couldn’t get him to go out. So they couldn’t walk in and do it. So they were trying to rope him and they were, and I was watching them. I mean, it wasn’t my job and I’m watching them and they’re trying, the keepers, and they’re trying to rope and they’re missing, they’re missing and missing.