Dairy cows and steers and things like that. Well, if it’s outside of the purview of the zoo, but on Park District land, you have a much freer methodology of moving and replacing animals. So when they had the livestock exposition at the amphitheater, I’m going back years, they would have the steer that was sold for $42,000, that was ultimately gonna go for a market. But, ’cause he was the grand champion, but the grand champion always came to the farm in the zoo. And he could leave the farm in the zoo ’cause he had nothing to do with the exotic animals. Sure. (clears throat) So I think the farm in the zoo was there to give that experience of, it was very popular, very popular for kids to get that kind of experience of what’s part of the farm and the animals that are in it, so forth. That was, I think the gist of it.