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Gordon Hubbell, DVM
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Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens: Miami, Florida

Director, Retired

Dr. Hubble got a part-time job as a keeper at the Columbus Zoo working week-ends, and that’s what solidified his interest in zoo animal medicine. When he graduated in 1959, there was only six full-time veterinarians in the country in zoo work. He began communicating with other zoo veterinarians around the country. When they got a case that was interesting, they’d write it up and mimeograph it and send it out to each other. Packets of case reports were sent out on a routine basis. That was the beginning of the Zoo Veterinary Association.

He moved to Miami and began working for the Crandon Park Zoo as a full-time veterinarian and then director. Dr. Hubble was on the cutting edge in the use of tranquilizers and the proper doses to use on the animals at the zoo. After Hurricane Betsy devastated the zoo, Dr. Hubble began the clean up and the zoo was opened within two weeks. A lot of the animals had died but many other zoos, animal dealers helped in bringing back some of the animal. Under Dr. Hubble’s direction the Crandon zoo was moved to a better location and became the Metro Miami Zoo.